Living in a digital world.

It’s funny for me to see how much resources a company will put towards print ads. Obviously, depending on your market demographic and how well you understand it, the days of printed ads being the source of product sales is long gone. It’s so painful to see coupons and flyers come into the mail, rather, within newspapers to be thrown straight into the recycling.

These days digital marketing is the best way to interact with your consumers and fish for potential prospects. Going digital doesn’t just mean creating a radio ad or social media account and letting it sit there. People want interaction, they want life to come from your company, they need to feel something in order to gravitate towards spending their hard earned dollars on your products/services. Small and local businesses benefit from social media marketing the most, however, you can’t just put photos up or vocalize your personal statuses. We as consumers are evolving towards social consumption – purchasing brands based on our social needs. Sure we will always need to buy toilet paper but who uses this brand? What is this brand of toilet paper made from? Who is this brand? Are they sustainably local? Are their employees happy? Consumers are placing value in the company not just the product the company produces. This is where social media marketing comes into play. A social media marketing campaign, which always involves a plan and research into market demographics, will trump any random coupon you create and spray into the neighborhood.

If you’d like more information or help with understanding how a social media campaign works to create sales and customer loyalty send me an email at

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