Your social media account is open 24/7

While most small businesses understand that the internet is accessible ALL the time they don’t comprehend the challenge of keeping their social media interactive for that time also. This means if your shop front is being renovated or your social media guru is on holiday your social media account will still exist and will still be visited by potential clients and loyal customers. A static page for more than 3-4 days could result in loss of potential sales and or devalued brand association.

I manage a local non-profit’s social media accounts and this week I am heading off to hike the grand canyon. My plan for the three whole days I will be social media free is to post my Facebook posts by schedule (using a mixture of content already found and inspirational quotes for the mid week grunge) and this will be the same for my Twitter account, however, this will be done through Hootsuite. It really is that easy. Of course, I had to find content relevant to this week and the feature of my demographic as well as to ensure we supported events and ensured proper people and hashtags were chosen but overall it really is quite easy to take vacation and ensure your account is still in good shape.

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